Introducing the Ouido Typeface

Ouido (pronounced as “widow”) is derived from the Portuguese word ouvir which means to hear or to listen. Ouido refers to the ability to play a song on any musical instrument after listening to it a couple of times and without reading the notes.

The Ouido typeface is a modernized nostalgia for music enthusiasts, a whimsical revamp of the classic serif font. It bears resemblance with printed classical music scores, characterized by each letter’s rounded strokes like how one drew clefs with passion. Each dot is a twin of the quarter note minus the stem, so weaving sentences together could feel like composing a melody. 

Inspired by the astounding phenomenon of absolute pitch, the visual appeal of this typeface may hone your imaginative ability to embellish your creation.

Design and Development: Alfredo Marco Pradil
Manufacturer: Hanken Design Co.
Glyphs: 550+ per style
Styles: 14 Styles (7 Roman, 7 Italic)
Class: Serif


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