Download the free regular font here. Limited time only.
Download the free regular font here. Limited time only.
Square poster design work by Studio Paul Bergman (
Introducing the Nuova Volte Typeface

Nuova Volte is a sans-serif font that bridges the gap between beauty in simplicity and in uniqueness by playing with shapes. Slice one letter, and you will have yourself all figures—whether it be round or sharp.

Looking at it from afar might have you thinking that it is a plain old Jane; however, observe closely and see the variety of slanting or straight edges and square tittles. For example, the line that cuts your letter “l” into a “t” is now designed as a parallelogram. Once placed next to an “f,” the two connect like each other’s missing puzzle piece. In addition, this typeface paints accents in a whole new light, accentuating them even further with the trapezoidal than mere rectangular strokes.

Though seemingly exclusive, its exquisiteness is flexible and can instead be utilized in both attempts of formality and creativity. They say different is always better, and what better way to achieve this without trying too hard to be intricate? Take a slight leap outside your comfort zone with Nuova Volte’s profound elegance.

Design+Development: Alfredo Marco Pradil
Company: Hanken Design Co.
Glyphs: 500+ per style
Styles: 5 Roman
Class: Sans Serif

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