Mnemonist is a traditional-looking sans serif typeface that was inspired by the idea of mnemonics and the speed of how we read the letters in a word. The conscious mind normally skips the rendering of each letter per word and assumes the spelling by the approximate length, starting letter, and ending letter of the word. We created a simple one-weight-one-style typeface that is great for text and long-form reading.

Design+Development: Alfredo Marco Pradil
Company: Hanken Design Co.
Glyphs: 380+ per style
Styles: 1 (no italic)
Class: Sans Serif, Text

Mnemonist is a free limited edition typeface in celebration of Hans Kendrick's birthday this 20th of April—and is only available with every purchase of these selected HDC typeface families: Neue Hans Kendrick, Hans Kendrick, HK Explorer Sharp, Neo Hans, and Hanken Sans.

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